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The correct equipment is essential to play better golf

Nick Moncur PGA is a qualified club fitter

He plays and recommends ORKA and PXG golf clubs

club fitting Essex
club fitting Essex



What is Custom Fitting?
Custom Fitting is the process by which golf hardware equipment is measured to your individual needs. But Custom Fitting is only half the story. The critical part is what we then do with that information to build the perfect set of clubs for you.

We work from two bases for our custom fitting process, Dynamic Fit and Static Fit and then combine the two to give us Optimal Fit

Static Fit + Dynamic Fit = OPTIMAL FIT

The Static Fit
This is simply a measurement based analysis of height, reach, hand size etc to give us a guide as to your physical properties.

The Dynamic Fit
This is your movement during the shot, your swing path, angle of attack. We measure this when you are in motion with cameras and doplar radar systems, to give you an accurate representation of your swing and therefore the loft, lie and flex of clubs you require.

By taking the data above we have 90% of the picture, combining them tells us the clubs you should require for now, to play more consistent golf today. What we don’t want to do though is hold your game back. So part of the optimal fit is to discuss your golfing journey, where you want to be. In doing this we can fit you for your journey and work with you to give you equipment that allows you to improve and develop the things you are working on.

Who would benefit from Custom Fitting?
At its most technical level, custom fitting we can build low handicap golfers and professionals a more efficient swing and match head and shafts to their swing speeds and tempo.

Higher handicap players can reap even further benefits with adjustments in lie angles and shafts to overcome consistent swing characteristics. Please note we don’t use the term swing fault, we do not believe it it, they are characteristics. Improver’s and beginners benefit more from well fitted equipment.

Do my current clubs fit?
If you haven’t had them fitted then the chances are they don’t. Even then they may have been fitted and then built incorrectly so its worth checking them either way. If they are from a major OEM then there is a strong chance they have been assembled in the Far East with a “Cut and Glue” policy where no shaft is profiled correctly and this will be adding to some of the problems you face in your game.

Here are some common issues that lead to game characteristics that a good custom fit and custom build can easily resolve for you:

LIE TOO FLAT - Hitting to the right - Over strong grip - Over use of hands

SHAFT TOO SOFT/FLEXIBLE - Ball flight too high - Hooking ball flight - Inconsistency


CLUBS TOO LONG - Heavy shots - Inconsistent striking - Falling off the shot at impact


LIE TOO UPRIGHT - Ball going left - Weak grip - Tricky on tight lies


SHAFTS TOO STIFF - Low Ball Flight - Weak shots right - Poor distance


CLUBS TOO SHORT - Thinned low shots - Falling forward at impact - Excess knee flex



Player Consultation
Time for a coffee and to understand you, your game and what you are looking for. This is a critical part of our Optimal Fit, we need to know what you need help with, and you need to know the steps we can take together to get there.

Collect Swing Data and Shot information
Hit some balls. We will ask you to use your own clubs at first, so that we can see what’s going on right now. As you swing, the launch monitor will record a comprehensive data set that includes club head speed, angle of attack and ball spin, along with accurate yardages.

Processing Data to get your fitting
Now we have seen you hit with your own clubs, we have a much more accurate place to work from. The data helps us understand what shaft, and flex will be suited for your game, now and on your journey. We match this to the grip that fits and the head shape options that will work for you and you like the look of. We don’t do trial and error like other brands. Give this a Go, is not a phrase that comes from our fitting process. We now know what will work for you, adding some swing improvements and you will see dramatic improvements in both dispersion and distance during the course of your fitting and something to take you forward in your game.

Analyse The Results
Invariably you already know from the clubs you are hitting, but we need to ensure that we optimise feel and data to give you your perfect clubs. Once the correct shaft and specification have been identified we will make sure you are happy with the set make-up and if any alterations need to be made.

Fitting Complete
Your custom fitting experience is complete. We now have the privilege and responsibility of building your clubs to the exact specifications from your fitting. They will be built for you by us, nobody else. They will be built for you and not just something we had in stock. Because we don’t hold assembled stock, your new clubs all start off in component form, ready to be built just for you. The process of shaft alignment, and correct assembly normally takes around 2 weeks for them to be delivered to you.