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Why Orka?

I personally play and recommend Orka golf clubs. Here's why -

ORKA Golf is a multi award winning, leading hardware brand for professional club building, club fitting and product design utilising innovative technologies.

Everything they make is custom fitted and built to your exact requirements.

We want golfers to be aware of true custom fitting and what it means to have your Orka golf clubs custom built for you.

I believe that custom fitting is beneficial for every golfer, not just better players. In fact it is often more beneficial to a higher handicapper as we can make more difference to their game.

In an age when we can customize so much, buying a set of clubs off the rack and hoping they work is a sure way to add frustration to your game and a hole in your wallet. That’s why Orka don’t hold stock anywhere in the world. We don’t want your fitting to be compromised, we want your clubs to be exactly right for you. You should be able to decide your set make up, maybe you need more hybrids or more wedges. Our open stock policy means you can have exactly the right set for you and your game.

But being fitted isn’t enough either, Orka then ensure they make the clubs correctly. They profile your shafts, check head weights and swing weights to ensure consistency through your set.

Orka only use premium shafts for their heads. These are named brands that tour players use and the a brands 'own version' of a shaft, which would be a much 'cheaper' version.

So, because Orka don't advertise or pay tour players millions of pounds to play their equipment, they can keep the cost down, why pay more? Therefore you can purchase better, fitted golf clubs, with better shafts, that are more quality for less money!

You are unique, we think your clubs should be too.

Contact me

for more information on our Orka golf clubs and custom fitting.

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