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For All Your Golfing Needs Through Lockdown!

Dear all, A MUST FOR ALL GOLFERS! Are your clubs insured separately? Get full cover from only £34 per year. Cover includes worldwide, from the course, even from your car! Plus public liability, hole in one cover and more! PGA Approved. For 20% OFF USE CODE 1128 - CLICK HERE

ALSO If any of you are thinking about quality nets and mats for your home or garden during lockdown please CLICK HERE - ask for Steve Joy, mention my name for preferential treatment and let me know how you get on..

ALSO - PXG 0211 Irons, now HALF PRICE at only £126 per iron! Email back for this and other great deals!

AND - Thinking about New Grips? Now is the best time, why not get your clubs MOT'd during this lockdown, ready for when we go back on the course. Full club repair service, 2 day turn around, drop off, pick up. All grips in stock, call 07530361372 or email back..

PLUS - Great training product to use at home or in your garden! As used by Tour Pro’s! SUPERSPEED GOLF is the No1 Golf Training Aid to make DISTANCE GAINS! Helps your speed and to hit it further! Along with a great way to exercise and get fit!

For more info visit - CLICK HERE

Or contact me on - 07530361372 Email -

Here’s an example of a training session-

40 swings➡️6-8 mins➡️ 3x a week➡️ alternate days only❗️ Weight changes 7️⃣❎during this training. Frequent weight change maximises the gains📈 No VITAL time wasted with interchangeable weights, threads or ratchets! This needs to be explosive SPEED TRAINING with minimal interval 👌🏽

Stay Well...Stay Home...Save Lives...

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