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Drive it further in the winter!

As we all know, it’s much harder to play golf in the winter. Obviously the ground is much softer and the ball doesn’t run so far. Plus with the cold weather, the courses play much longer. A good tip is to try to hit the ball higher so it can carry further, especially with the driver. If you can hit up on the driver this will launch the ball higher and take the spin off so it will travel further in the air. To do this, set up with you chest and head tipped behind the ball as below.

This will give you a position to turn the shoulders behind the ball at the top of the backswing. From here you can drop the club down and hit up on the tee, like your giving the ball an uppercut with your club head.

Make sure you finish the swing full and watch it fly high and straight.

Please come and see me and I’ll help you do this and improve your golf.. My philosophy is I coach the person, not a method and keep things very simple. I don’t get too technical and can give you a better shot without changing your swing!

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