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Chipping and Angle of Attack

Understanding the Angle of Attack in golf is a critical yet often overlooked aspect of the game.

Angle of Attack, as defined by the experts at FlightScope, is the angle at which the club's geometric centre approaches the ball, measured just before impact.

Known also as arch location strike or angle of approach, the Angle of Attack is not merely a technical term but a cornerstone of effective stroke play.

It is also so important in chipping. It should be steeper -10 plus down, where a full iron shot should be around -3/4 down.

Below is a great example of a 15 to 20 years carry chip shot with a lob or sand wedge. This shot would come in quite low with lots of spin and is what the best players in the world do.

12 deg down AOA

28 deg launch

5000 rpm spin

18 yards carry 👌🏻

Know your numbers, especially with chipping..

Book a lesson to find out..

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