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3d golf swing analysis

I now use 3d swing analysis as an addition to my coaching.

WITH SPORTSBOX 3D GOLF, YOU CAN... 1. VISUALIZE ANY SWING IN 3D ANIMATION CREATED FROM A SINGLE VIDEO TAKEN ON YOUR PHONE See the swing motion from six different angles: Face-on, Down-the-Line, Behind, From Target, Above and Below 2. GET ACCURATE 3D BIOMECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS FOR EVERY SWING So you can stop guessing and start measuring the swing in inches and degrees 3. COMPARE TWO SWINGS WITH 3D MOTION DATA Quantify the difference between before and after swings or use a pro’s swing as a model reference STOP GUESSING, START MEASURING Communicate more clearly with 3D data to teach more effectively - remote or live

WHAT IS SPORTSBOX AI? Founded in 2020, Sportsbox AI is an AI-powered technology company that develops AI Coach mobile applications in sports and fitness, using patent-pending 3D Motion Analysis and Kinematic AI technology. Through our unique technology that can capture, measure and analyze complex athletic motions in 3D, combined with the knowledge and experience of the world’s leading instructors in each sport, Sportsbox AI provides real-time corrective feedback to help users achieve their goals in sports and fitness — all in the palm of your hand using only your mobile phone and at a fraction of the cost of existing 3D Motion Capture Systems.

TECHNOLOGY Developed in-house by AI scientists and computer vision experts, Sportsbox AI utilizes the latest methods in Computer Vision and Deep Learning to provide 3D analysis of complex movements in real time — available for the first time in your back pocket.

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